Glotel is a National Provider of deliverable-based project services concentrating in the telecom, IT, & engineering fields.​
Glotel has deep project expertise, vetted talent, safety record and certifications allowing teams to be immediately deployed.

Site concealment

Site Concealment

Proven record of delivering a full scope of high quality products, structures, and designs.​​

Glotel, Inc. is a specialty manufacturer and national provider of site concealment systems that are designed and engineered to meet telecommunications carrier requirements for RF transparency. Specialty designs include louvered panels, cupolas, bell towers, and church steeples. Glotel maintains an experienced staff of field engineers and design specialists that work on-site to develop the optimum design that meets customer and regulatory agency expectations, either at bid or negotiated price and budget requirements.

Contact Info

Samantha Baderschneider

Samantha Baderschneider
M: 571-294-4630

Temporary Structures

Temporary Structures

Partner with carriers and local municipalities to provide temporary structures and antenna relocation services.​
Key Scopes:​
  • Equipment Removal and Reinstallation
  • Ballast Based Poles for Small Footprints
  • Various Heights up to 170’
  • Diverse Deployment Locations
    • Water Tanks, Rooftops, Special Events
  • Nationwide Deployment

Site Development

In-house teams experienced in the full spectrum of site development services​.
Key Scopes:​
  • Site Identification​​​
  • Leasing​​​
  • Zoning​​​
  • Permitting​​​
  • Cell Site & Civil

Client Testimonial

“We chose Glotel because of their people. Glotel stepped in when we needed it most. We were transitioning between vendors, and the team came in and took over a market share of work mid-stream and maintained the schedule we were held to by the end client. We achieved the POE set by the client because of Glotel’s quick response to our needs. The experience with Glotel was mutually beneficial. Both of us were highlighted for our success. I recommend Glotel to people who need full entitlement services; from ring issuance to construction NTP, Glotel is quick to deliver while maintaining product quality and customer service.”

Katie K​., Director of Turf​
Operations Support

Operations Support

Key Scopes:​

  • Backhaul & Fiber
  • Site Audits
  • Microcell (Small Cell​​​ & DAS)
  • Microwave
  • Field & Switch
  • Optimization

Design & Engineering

Glotel has the Architectural Design and Structural Engineering experience across all aspects of your Enterprise Wireless Engineering environment. We can leverage our project teams quickly to help with a solution to your current needs.
Key Scopes:​
  • Structural
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Network Planning/RF
  • Transport & Backhaul

Client Testimonial

“Our customer experience with Glotel has always been a cohesive partnership that has always provided great results. Glotel has proved to be a significant partnership resource. In each of my dealings I can honestly say Glotel has provided top quality support at a moment’s notice in support of launches and program completion. I wish some of my other vendor partnerships worked as well as Glotel does with us.”​

Brian L​., Wireless Project Manager
IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

We provide the intellectual capital, resources and unparalleled track record enabling the successful delivery of technology solutions. Our service offerings cover the entire life cycle by determining and defining the digital strategy for an organization through the successful delivery of an application.
Key Scopes:​
  • Application Design, Web Development and Support
  • Software Tools Engineering
  • Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Business Intelligence and Systems Analysis
  • Database Architecture, Analysis, and Administration
  • IT Systems Security
  • Big Data Technology
  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Data Analytics and Warehousing
  • Digital Enterprise Solutions
  • Technical Writing and Training
  • HP and Microsoft Suite of Software tools
  • IT Project Management and Planning
If the skills you seek are not listed we are committed to developing the right team to meet your project needs.